Frank Rogala
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Frank Rogala, singer of Don't Cha Hot Like Me Mix


The brand new single
Don't Cha
Hot Like Me Mix  
Photo of Don't Cha CD Hot Like Me Mixes Frank Rogala verson of Pussycat Dolls Don't Cha
Don't Cha Hot Like Me Mixes

Digital downloads available

Crimes Against Nature Solo album by Frank Rogala
 Crimes Against Nature

Mixes Against Nature dance remix CD from Crimes Against Nature
Dance remix album
Mixes Against Nature

 Frank Rogala Vocalist for NC-17 and EXUDE

"A MASTERSTROKE!" The Los Angeles Times

 Frank Rogala photos from Genre Magazine shootFrank Rogala burst onto the scene as the lead vocalist of EXUDE when their debut EP debuted at #2 on the charts and stayed in the international record charts for the next 5 years.  EXUDE's version of  Cyndi Lauperís Girls Just Want To Have Fun exploded before it was released and was even taped off the air by competing radio stations so that they could have it to play for their listeners. As theFrank Rogala on Hollywood Blvd. lead singer of NC-17, Frank is profiled in the feature length critically acclaimed documentary about the band NC-17 Wonít Anybody Listen (exclusively available through Netflix). Frankís critically acclaimed first solo album Crimes Against Nature was pronounced ďa masterstrokeĒ by the Los Angeles Times and a dance remix of the album hit top 10 on dance charts in 8 major cities.

One of the more noteworthy independent band films is the critically acclaimed full length feature motion picture documentary, Wonít Anybody Listen ( featuring Anaheimís NC-17 ( Seven years in the making, director Dov Kelemer followed NC-17 as they rehearsed, composed, recorded music, and played clubs in OC/LA. Intercut with interviews with music press, and music industry executives the film was picked up by the prestigious distributor Seventh Art Releasing. The distribution contract resulted in theatrical screenings in nearly every major U.S. city as the film received rave reviews by Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, among others. Robert Redfordís Sundance Channel has purchased U.S. television right and has began a series of showings that will continue over the next two years.

Brothers Frank and Vince Rogala with Robin Canada created NC-17 in 1990. The trio had previously performed and recorded together for several years in a techno rock band called EXUDE, which among other accomplishments was the only unsigned band ever featured twice on MTV's Basement Tapes (the band's Safe With You video won the final Basement Tapes competition) and was lauded as the best unsigned band in America by Musician Magazine (chosen by judges Elvis Costello, Mark Knopfler, T-Bone Burnett and Mitchell Froom).

Ready to go at the onset of the alternative movement, NC-17 set out on a mission to write and record a collection of powerful new rock songs without the use of a guitar. After months of writing and rewriting, recording and re-recording, NC-17 completed its debut album The Happiest Place On Earth. Using a distorted Rhodes to take up the slack left by the absence of the guitar, and adding a slew of non-standard instrumentation, effects and recording techniques, The Happiest Place On Earth truly sets the unique tone that is NC-17.

Shortly after the completion of Happiest... the group sought out a bass player for its live show, and was introduced to Ron Perron through a mutual friend. With Ron on bass, NC-17 played a handful of shows in Hollywood clubs. A few months later, Ron introduced the band to his own former band mate Chuck Hohn when the band found itself in need of a live sound engineer. Chuck did sound for a few shows and then made the switch to become NC-17's drummer, with whom the band then continued its steady Hollywood show schedule.

In early 1992, NC-17 was selected to appear on Rock America, a live concert program directed by Dov Kelemer. The band performed a number of songs on the show, and more importantly built a friendship with Dov, who subsequently directed two videos for NC-17 and began a relationship with NC-17 that led to the idea of a documentary film that would end up recording events in the lives of the band for the next seven years.

Violinist Robert Anthony Aviles hooked up with NC-17 later in 1992 when he, Chuck, Ron and Robin were invited to play together for a showcase at the Troubadour to back a singer who was an acquaintance of theirs. Robert fronted (and still now performs with) his own band called Insight, which had been a winner on Star Search. The band quickly integrated Robert and his unique style into its already distinct sound, and soon afterward recorded the album Hellhead which marked the next step in the evolution of NC-17.

NC-17 has completed Listen (the album they are documented composing during the film).
Frank Rogalaís current projects include: Producing, engineering a house music album with a mysterious artist who is rumored to be a Chinese opera singer, mastering for the Australian Based Army of DJ's internationally distributed record label and remixing the 1980's international smash Boys Just Want To Have Sex.

Directing, producing and engineering an audio version of the book Retards, Rebels & Slackers, in addition Rogala has acquired motion picture rights and is in the process of mounting an independent film production.

Along with being a singer, writer, producer, artist, filmmaker,  Frank Rogala operates a large family camping resort with his brothers and is also an accomplished search engine optimization specialist.


About the Album

"Crimes Against Nature" was created while Frank's band NC-17 was working on its "Lost In The Land Of The Bands" documentary. Because the NC-17 band members were keeping their schedules flexible for the filmmakers and last minute cancellations would leave band members with nothing to do, Frank used the time to get together in smaller groups of one or two band mates at a time to work on songs for the album.

All of Frank's NC-17 compatriots performed on and contributed in various ways to the "Crimes..." album, and other guest musicians also made appearances. The album is truly Frank Rogala's brainchild, however, and its wide variety of songs and styles is quite a departure from the more in-your-face NC-17 musical approach.

The album uses many songs that are thought to be female-oriented or songs that have previously only been sung by women. While all the original lyrics were left unchanged, Frank sang them in his own voice, giving the songs a new twist in meaning.

Frank's New Single Don't Cha

Frank Rogala's new single is his version of the Pussycat Dolls song "Don't cha (The Hot Like Me Mixes by Frank Rogala)

Photo of Boys Just Want To Have Sex by Exude featuring Frank Rogala
First digital release of Boys Just Want To Have Sex

(Frank Rogala lead vocalist)