Frank's Lyrics

"Crimes Against Nature"

". . . an intense and memorable debut release by an artist who should one day be seen for his immense talent and craft." 4-Front Magazine

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Following are the lyrics for the two brand new songs on "Crimes Against Nature."

The "Avoid" Song
lyrics by Frank Rogala

You can't talk away how awkward that you feel
And I can't walk away from something that's for real
So you will avoid me, pretend your heart is made of steel
If I can't be proud of what you think of me
Then I can't speak loud enough for you to see

I saw it all at once, everything had changed
I looked right through your eyes and I saw a cage
So I will avoid you, pretend there's nothing new
So laugh with your friends when I'm not around
While all that we are crashes to the ground

I had everything, you wanted everything,
Once you had everything I was nothing to you

I feel your ache inside, it's enough to hurt me
But I pray that someday someone will set you free
But I will avoid you, pretend there's something else to do
If I can't be proud of what you think of us
Then whatever we have will never be enough

I'm Feelin' Fine
lyrics by Frank Rogala

Well it's one of those days and I'm walking down the street
With my hands in my pockets and my head in the clouds - but it's,
Time for me to get back to those people I know - those people they just have to wait
It's time for me to get back to work, but this moment spent by myself must be the right thing to do

'Cause I'm feelin' fine, I got no need to unwind
Got my feet on the pavement and my head in the clouds,
The air so clean and quiet the birds are singin' loud

Well, I'm always amazed by the color of creation, the power of the ocean and the shape of the clouds
But there's times that not even these can pull me away from what's swimmin' in my head, but that's not happening right now,
So I'll smell touch and feel what it's like to be alive right now.

The fog has lifted leaving a haze and everything looks like it just came from a dream

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