Frank Photos

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Photo Download help: .gif and .jpg picture files. Click on photo.  After it comes up, right click and chose "save picture as" and save it as you would any picture to whatever location you choose on your disk.

Frank Oasis at boardTINY1.jpg (313558 bytes)

Frank at Eddy Schreyer's counsel at his Oasis Mastering main room.    Photo by Dov Kelemer


Frank and EddyTINY.jpg (94272 bytes) Frank with Eddy Schreyer (mastering engineer for Jane's Addiction, The Offspring, Hootie and the Blowfish, Everclear and on and on) of Oasis Mastering listening as Eddy is putting the finishing touches on his remake of "Boys Just Want To Have Sex."  Frank holds a copy of the original 12" (pictured below). Photo by Dov Kelemer


wpe13.jpg (25281 bytes)

The original 12" "Boys Just Want To Have Sex" that Frank, Vince Rogala and Robin Canada recorded in 1984 that spent 5 years in the international top 200.  The original is being re-released along with Frank's updated mixes this winter by Australian label Invictus.


Following are the original photos (lighted, and photographed by Frank) that were used to create the angels on the artwork for the "Crimes Against Nature" album. The angel model was Quin Trimbo. The artist digitally dropped away the background and added clouds and wings and various settings to create the artwork for the CD folder.


cover.jpg (23920 bytes)

"Crimes Against Nature" cover as appears on the CD.



angel1.jpg (23607 bytes)

This is superimposed over lyrics on the CD art - the artist added wings and made the reclining model look like an angel relaxing over the lyrics to the song "I'm Feelin' Fine."



angel2.jpg (26407 bytes)

This pose was chosen to accompany the lyrics for "The Avoid Song" because it was more melancholy and fit the mood of the song.




angel3.jpg (26795 bytes)

This photo appears with the titles and credits for the album. This is the only way you can see the entire image unobscured by text.



angel4.jpg (40114 bytes)

CD cover model shot before wings, background and title were added.



quinhi.jpg (30062 bytes)

Another interesting shot from the same photo session that was not used on the album but which ended up on the back cover of "Mixes Against Nature."


angelwng.jpg (12519 bytes)

Back cover of CD.




disc-art.jpg (32033 bytes)

This is the full-color image of the art that appears on the disc itself, except for the fact that your CD will be printed in 2 colors, magenta and black.



Laying on grass.jpg (85065 bytes)

Frank's most recent press photo by Robin Canada



water.jpg (33369 bytes)

Photo of Frank which accompanies his bio that will be mailed to college radio stations.



studio.jpg (117101 bytes)

Picture of Frank in the garage studio where he recorded the solo album (and also where NC-17 records).


SideMusclesSHORTNECK Cropped.jpg (361490 bytes)

Frank in action - microphone in hand.Photo Dov Kelemer


The Following shots were done to accompany a review of 
Crimes Against Nature in Genre Magazine

frlgtile.jpg (50989 bytes)

A shot of Frank by glass tile wall.Photo Dov Kelemer



frrgtile.jpg (51622 bytes)

Another glass tile shot.Photo Dov Kelemer



frwindo.jpg (45248 bytes)

And one more outdoor shot.Photo Dov Kelemer