Photo Album

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NC-FLY2.GIF (1076632 bytes) (>1 meg). NC-17 has received a lot of press coverage. This is a very high resolution image of the flyer NC-17 has used for promotion, which includes quotes about the band from a number of music publications.




FR-RO-VI.JPG (7982 bytes)This is the original publicity photo that the band used prior to Robert joining. It shows the faces of Frank, Robin and Vince.


RO&FR.JPG (29275 bytes)This picture of Robert and Frank appears on the more recent band flyers (this is the picture displayed above in this site).

movie.jpg (28450 bytes)In this snapshot, Dov and Chuck (and a soundman) are at work on the movie, working on a sequence shot in NC-17's studio.

NC-17 webOLDreducedLARGE.jpg (233322 bytes) From the first photos session after the formation of NC-17, Robin Canada, Frank Rogala and Vince Rogala  Photo by Catherine Enny