Bio Robert Aviles

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Robert Anthony Aviles is one of the worlds few 6-string electric violinists.
A dynamic performer, Aviles has performed around the world before
audiences numbering 80,000.

Whether performing solo or in his band, Insight, Aviles' public performances
on his electric 6-string violin have brought rave reviews from critics:

"Robert Aviles is to the violin what Jimi Hendrix was to the guitar."

- BAM Magazine

"It is obvious that the inspired works of Robert Aviles are ushering in a
new paradigm, offering a bridge to the next dimension."

- Resources Magazine

"The violin playing (of Aviles)... like the Pied Piper, draws in listeners
of all ages and walks of life."

- Orange County Register

"Aviles is one of the finest and most innovative violinists to come down the
pike in a long time."

- Music Connection Magazine

One of the most captivating aspects of his musical genius is a
state-of-the-art system that allows him to perform solo while spontaneously
creating full ensemble compositions. His accomplishments as a pianist and
keyboardist further enhance the range and dynamics of the sound he produces.
This multi-talented performer and recording artist also has more than a
decade of experience in composing, arranging, engineering, and producing.

He is sponsored by Barrett Instruments, maker of his "signature series"
electric 6-string violins. Super-Sensitive Strings and A.G.I. are the
developers and suppliers of the electronic components used in Robert's
violin. With an impressive discography of over ten released and unreleased
CD's, ranging from progressive rock to classical and New Age music, Aviles
is able to tailor his musical creations to suit every conceivable

Robert Anthony Aviles currently resides in Southern California. To contact
him or for more information, please call  (714) 953-8181  or  e-mail: